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18 July, 2004

The Tragedy of the Shy Bridegroom

When Badriya Al Burqa first met her husband-to-be, just before the wedding, he didn't say very much to her. In fact he said nothing at all. His mother said he was just a "very shy person" who "often fell quiet". Today, he was just "not in the mood" for conversation.

The marriage went ahead, and the next day the newly-married couple had a chance to speak to each other. But despite "persistent pressure" the husband would not talk to his new wife.

The bride's family then discovered her tongue-tied husband was in fact a total deaf-mute. After much wrangling with the new in-laws, they got the marriage dissolved for "deception".

It is hard to know on which side the tragedy is greater. On that of the "shy" groom, losing his lovely lady. Or on that of the bride herself, giving up the chance of exquisite peace: an entire married lifetime of never being nagged or shouted at, never being ordered or even asked to do anything, never having to listen to an irritable, grumpy, demanding or complaining male.



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