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13 September, 2004

Peeled lambs' testicles

No one, when going about their daily business - in this case trying to buy a wafer-thin overpriced slice of imported smoked salmon at the tiny crappy Jebel Ali Choitrams - should have to be confronted with a tray of a dozen pink, veined boiled-egg like objects sitting atop the "Indian mutton" section of the meat counter.

Sheep gonads, their (woolly?) scrotums carefully peeled away to reveal the horrid glimmering flesh beneath, should not be part of any diet, whether western or third-world. Interesting if disgusting to note: their veins are strangely wiggly.

But the horror of Baa Baa balls pales into insignificance against McCrap's latest attempt to bastardise and junkify yet another world cuisine. An invitation to the launch of "McKofta" has arrived. And it is a double horror: not only is the event located in the darkest depths of Deira, the invitation also threatens a "free lunch".



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