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04 October, 2004

The dark dawn of GITEX

The impending horror of GITEX was momentarily lifted when a colleague mentioned that Egypt had declared yoghurt haram. Words really could not express the delight in thinking there would be no more vile lakes of runny white labneh at every Arabic buffet.

But alas, the mullahs have actually banned yoga, an irritating though far less gut-churning fad.

GITEX arrives, with the press room the usual piranha tank of desperate PR greebles. The halls full of subcons grabbing handfuls of plastic carrier bags filled with corporate rainforest-murdering brochurial crap, in the faint hope a free plastic biro lurks within. The annual Korean war between rival electronics manufacturers trying to lure the most Saudis to their display with free dancing girls in metallic hotpants. And pale, hollow-eyed hacks running for cover, nearly as pasty with stress as the IT freaks & geeks in relentless pursuit.


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