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18 March, 2005

Zaay-list celebrity

The unwritten rule of celebrity must surely be that if a person's job has to be included to define them, eg: "Singing sensation Madonna" as opposed to just "Madonna", then they do not in fact qualify as famous.

"Meet the stars!" urges the latest PR spam, trying to drum up interest in the launch of OK! Middle East magazine.

"...we have just been informed that Denise Keller, Super model & MTV's face in Asia, Alex Stepney, TV presenter & interviewer for Manchester United TV, Steve Bower, ex-Manchester United goalie and currently TV presenter in UK and the Middle East’s very own Haifa Wehbe are in town just to attend the launch of OK! Middle East Magazine at a special invitation-only party."

Personalities of a calibre so utterly barrel-bottom-scraping that it is a wonder their own grandmothers recognise them in the supermarket.

And despite nearly two years passing since the utter debacle of the Ahlan! launch, it is impossible to psych oneself up either for the exclusive-chance-to-meet-the-stars at the press conference, or the exclusive-chance-to-meet-the-stars at the party, so the invitations are declined.

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Blogger portuguesa nova said...

Just wanted to say hi--I came across this blog from a comment on another blog and am so glad that I did. I've always been fascinated with your country. A friend of mine, a Portuguese radiologist, is contemplating moving to Dubai, I'll be sure to pass this link on to him.

19 March, 2005 05:12  

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