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11 February, 2007

Doctor Dick

Meet Dr Amr Jad. He's a consultant urologist at the Riyadh Armed Forces Hospital in the Evil Kingdom, which makes him quite literally a dick doctor. So who better to trust young people's sexual health with than Dr Jad?

"Doctors should only address preventive methods if there is already [an infection]. If there is none, then there is no need," he told Gulf News after presenting his lecture on how to conduct sex education in the Middle East at the Pan Arab Society for Sexual Medicine (PASSM) conference.

Brilliant. Stable door/horse/absolutely fucking bolted and probably half way to the moon by now. No wonder AIDS rates in Saudi are soaring.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Every time I see one of these posts it makes me think...

Why have laws stating that you cannot be gay/have an affair (aka 'private time')/have incestuous relationships/etc.? Why give incentives not to marry out of close society?

Surely the morals, ethics and values of an intelligent, didactic and nationalistic society take care of these and deciding whether your actions are 'wrong' shouldn't need to go to a court of good men to decide., wait.... I see now where I was going wrong.

12 February, 2007 09:27  
Blogger Keef said...

Make that man Minister of Health!

12 February, 2007 14:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

He is misguiding the young/restless and active souls out there. I can't believe he actually said this in public?

Christ - what an Idiot! Where or perhaps WHEN did he become a Doctor - the stoneage?

12 February, 2007 19:56  
Blogger Herlock Sholmes said...

lol Only in Saudi

12 February, 2007 20:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Idiot! Where'd he buy his degree from? That's like doctors telling you how to prevent cancer when you already have it. Is this guy's head screwed on in the right place or the right way?

Seems like it's screwed on upside down and backwards.

13 February, 2007 16:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear SD,

First of all, I knew that you would single out this poor Dr Jad (doesn't "jad" mean "serious" in arabic?). I would love to hear what he tells his own son, when he leaves for his "spring break" to bahrein or dubai...most probably to be abstinent!

It is really scary. I have been in the sandlands for +/- 4 years and some of my locally bred and educated young expat-colleagues(asian/arabs) have frightingly little knowledge about basic sexuality, let alone about STDs.

To moderate Dr Jad's statement, let's not forget that the Pope himself (hardly a medical doctor) travels to Aids-ridden african countries, telling the masses not to use condoms but to go for abstinence...that is even worse considering his moral/religious authority over these people. He is basically and truly a mass murderer.

13 February, 2007 16:49  
Blogger Dubai Jazz said...

SD, although I am a Mulsim, but I feel ashamed at the idiotic approach Saudis adopt toward applying Sharia.
For instance: the Saudi law inforces the divorce of a couple that don't belong to equivalent tribal pedgrees! (which has nothing to do with Islam by the way)
On a lighter note: plz don't call it 'Kingdom of Evil' it eventually hold a place for our holy shrines....

13 February, 2007 22:17  
Blogger secretdubai said...

The "Kingdom" is evil, not the country. As I see it, the Al Sauds and the corrupt clerics are defiling what should be the holiest place of Islam.

One day people in that country will hopefully rise up and rid themselves of the whoremongering, booze-swilling, greedy and hypocritical "royal" family that oppresses them and rapes the people of the wealth generated by their country's resources.

Imagine how that country would be today if Sheikh Zayed had ruled it. Or if the Al Hashemis had never been driven out, and the current King of Jordan ruled it. Such wasted potential.

13 February, 2007 22:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think you went way ahead of yourself on that last rant.

What makes you think sheikh Zayed's rule would have been better? All Arab leaders are interchangeable in their incompetence and thievery. Sheikh Zayed does not have a population of over 20 million to grapple with. But I agree with you, his citizens love him, and you could say he is the least worst of all Arab rulers.

As for the Hashemi's; puhleeeze. They are as corrupt as the best of them. Its not prominent because Jordan is a poor country. But I assure they got the Private Jets and their palaces.

Of course the Hashemi's could have fooled you by being fairly western oriented vs the princesses and queens etc. If that is your measure of good governance, then I plead no contest.

I give you, you said it with the best intentions, but please do not admire any Arab ruler. It is a waste of effort.

14 February, 2007 02:21  
Blogger secretdubai said...

What makes you think sheikh Zayed's rule would have been better?

Just take a look at Abu Dhabi/the UAE and then take a look at Saudi.

I also beg to disagree that Zayed can even be compared to rulers like the Al Sauds. There is nothing interchangeable there at all. "Personality cult" aside, the reason Zayed is so admired is because he was so incredibly admirable. If there is dirt, it is negligible. He was essentially wise, fair and uncorrupt. He was also extraordinarily progressive - in a good way - for his era and cultural background.

14 February, 2007 03:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with you there, SD - Sheikh Zayed and Sheikh Rashid's visions for this nation - made the difference between Saudi Arabia and the UAE today.

14 February, 2007 05:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you know the difference between Saudy and UAE today: MONEY, INVESTORS, WESTERNERS!!! Don't be so lyrical about all this shit...

14 February, 2007 18:34  
Blogger Dubai Jazz said...

SD, if I went forward in mentioning what other Arab countries would have been better off under the Rule of Shiekh Zayed (God rest his soul), I would get myself in real trouble.

14 February, 2007 20:32  
Blogger Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Oh dear oh dear. I did a post on Saudi Men Spreading AIDS. This is just tragic. I have raised the issue of AIDS in the muslim world with a lot of people and it seems we are in for an even harder struggle than catholics had back in the early stages of AIDS in Africa.

14 February, 2007 21:21  
Blogger al-republican said...

"One day people in that country will hopefully rise up and rid themselves of the whoremongering, booze-swilling, greedy and hypocritical "royal" family that oppresses them and rapes the people of the wealth generated by their country's resources."

- SD @ 13 February, 2007 22:24

Wow! You packed a punch and a half there, SD! I could swear I read words of similar import from Usamah bin Laden in an open letter he wrote to the Saudi ruler at the time (the late King Fahd) 5 years ago! You terrorist! hehe :)

Just something about the Hashemites ruling Jordan. Firstly, dare I say at the risk of infuriarating some nationalistic Jordanian on this forum, there is no concrete evidence of the ruling family of Jordan traching their root back to the Hashimi chain (which reaches back to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam through his grandson Imam Hassan).

Secondly, you have no idea how treacherous those guys are. They sometimes make the Sauds look pedestrian! They actually played a major role in the murder and rape of Palestine at the hands of the Jews and the retreating British Colonialists by signing the Sykes Picot treaty (an extension of the Balfour Declaration in 1917) for their own petty interests.

You can read some more details on this agreemen here. This agreement is actually the root of the unrest in this region.

15 February, 2007 11:38  
Blogger Dubai Jazz said...

I second Al Republican, the colonizing powers had a skuzzy role in fragmenting this part of the world....

16 February, 2007 00:04  

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