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09 May, 2003

Death by Zire

The recent prize of a camera-enabled Zire71 won at a recent press conference has added a new and exciting possibility to dish-dash dodging on Sheikh Zayed road: wildlife photography of sheikhmobiles in their natural habitat. Such as the central reservation, scraping past other cars at 300mph. Or even some exclusive pics of the moustached-Indian-gentleman in his 20kmph Nissan Sunny.

Very amusing to see mosque-goers in Ras Al Khaimah forced to leave their best footwear in the car due to shoe-stealers. What could anyone want with endless, identical pairs of dusty and sweat-stained leather sandals? Could this be the first desert-foot-fetishist, an fascintating diversion from the usual shoe-luster's favourite of sweaty trainers?

Lola LebCan PR Princess is frustrated after receiving an Arab-style promotion: new, grandiose title; old, lowly salary. No point being a PR Queen without enough fils even to buy a new winter coat. Maybe she should take a leaf out of "Rita"'s book?

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