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22 March, 2005

Hymen in the spotlight

Drama on the rocky frontier country of Ras Al Khaimah, with a court battle over the presence or absence of a young woman's hymen. Sixteen-year-old Emirati wildchild MR claims to have been ravished by dishdash romeo SS, during a drive in his sheikhmobile.

She wants a ring on her finger in compensation: he claims he hasn't touched her.

"The Sharia Court heard the case yesterday. A forensic expert said a medical examination proved M.R. was not a virgin. However, a consultant gynaecologist at Saqr Hospital said the woman was indeed a virgin."

Most likely the couple ventured the Arab way, leaving the lady virgo intacta. In which case, a bumpy camel ride over the mountains followed by another medical might be the best way to hasten nuptials.

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Blogger Jawad said...

Enjoy reading your blog. Will link to it. Keep it coming.

22 March, 2005 21:44  
Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

Very cool blog. Beautiful descriptions!

24 March, 2005 02:26  

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