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27 May, 2005

Girl power, RAK-style

Ras Al Khaimah perverts: beware. A stalking cretin who pinched a woman's bottom found his advances far less than welcome:

"The man followed the group for some time, got closer to the girls, and pinched one of them. The girl began shouting and slapped the man on his face. The man slapped her back on her face.

"The mother and the girl's friends joined forces and started beating the man with their shoes. Hearing the commotion, several visitors gathered at the scene.

"The women beat up the man with their nails cutting into his face, at which the onlookers tried to intervene and end the fiasco."

But even the mall's security guards could not break up the fight.

"The guards then called police patrols, who arrived on the spot after a while.

"After much exertion, the patrols were able to wrest the man out of the furious women's grip, and arrested him."

Congratulations, sisters - here's hoping this trend will spread throughout the emirates. God knows there is a need for it.



Blogger John B. Chilton said...

I read this earlier today and wondered why the story did not include any identifying information about the man, no initials, no nationality, no nothin'. Well there was the dog that didn't bark -- no mention of the possibility of deportation.

His friends call him Scarface. Now. He's very fortunate security arrived before the men of the family.

Isn't this sort of behavior quite risky here? I had to assume the guy was a few bricks shy of a full load.

27 May, 2005 23:29  

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