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13 January, 2009

"Dens of prostitution"

Possibly not putting himself in line to win one of DTCM's 2009 Excellence in Journalism awards, Yusuf Abdulla tells it like it is:

"There is also another side to Dubai’s booming market. Most large hotels are little more than dens of prostitution. Hotels are permitted to issue guest permits to bring people from outside. In order to attract customers, many hotels bring girls from Central Asia, Russia, Romania and Western Europe. These girls are provided free accommodation in the hotel for three months while they are expected to service hotel guests. Each hotel has a club where girls enter for free while men must pay 100 dirhams. Alcohol is available and consumed in large quantities. Customers come to these clubs to pick up foreign girls. It has been pointed out to the authorities in Dubai that they are sitting on a time bomb. Girls with such loose moral character are likely to be infected with the AIDS virus. There are already reports of AIDS spreading among the local population because of the behavior of emirati men who then infect their wives."

Interesting how the "girls" are the ones accused of "loose moral character". Not the pimps and slavers that traffic them to Dubai. Nor the hotels who act as brothelmasters. Nor their clients. Or even the unnamed people who "expect" them to provide this service.

An interesting choice of nationalities too. Along with Russia and the CIS: Eastern Europe, Morocco, Africa and China would be more like it.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...


13 January, 2009 16:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Secret Dubai Diary,

Would you please post the web link of where this article appears.

Thank you.

13 January, 2009 18:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Also from the article:

"Whether Dubai will achieve its dream of becoming the hub of property and tourist attraction is debatable. What is becoming certain is that it is leading the way in becoming the AIDS capital of the Middle East."

Biggest man made islands, tallest towers, most disease-ridden ho's, most cases of aids !!!! Wow, Dubai really is the bestest and has the mostest in everything... Dubai, the winningest capital of winningy capitals.

13 January, 2009 20:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What are you smoking? Anyone who has been in Dubai over three days knows women were born sinful. Only Man was created in God's image, therefore can do no wrong.

14 January, 2009 03:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course there are a lot of girls from western europe, everybody knows that western europe is a den of iniquity.
I am only surprised that there was no mention of girls from america, but perhaps an author could not imagine anybody so evil to be in dubai.
** sarcasm off

14 January, 2009 07:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prostitution is not a bad things. Uneducated prostitutes and no regulations for testing is what causes the spread of STD. All residence get tested in the Emirates every three years. But the working ladies come on visit visas and renew for several months thus are not tested. The Dubai government should take steps to test these girls or open anonymous testing centers.

But in the dubai logic disappears. I see it in all Muslim countries. Problems exits but are hidden or shied away from in order to keep their so called honor. Like Irans huge heroin problem, Duabi will not admit there is a problem because acutally there are no prostitutes here and HIV only infects infidels.

Wake up Dubai and regulate prostitution!

BTW the most expensive prostitutes on the market are Emirati women. Hard to find but very delicious and fun. And everyone knows emirati men like little boys.

14 January, 2009 11:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For second "anonymous" commenter:

Generally following hyperlinks is quite easy, & I am concerned at lack of response by Secret Dubai.

Is she one of thos Western Women, hence unavailable overnight?! lol

14 January, 2009 13:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site is becoming so tabloid in nature!

The article is primarily about the Dubai property market, whereas SD reads to bottom of article, well actually penultimate paragraph, and posts that.

Why did SD not post final sentences?

Whether Dubai will achieve its dream of becoming the hub of property and tourist attraction is debatable. What is becoming certain is that it is leading the way in becoming the AIDS capital of the Middle East.

14 January, 2009 13:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's her blog mate, and she will post whatever jackshit that takes her fancy, with or without the final paragraph. just like dubai PR makes up all the bullshit.

14 January, 2009 13:34  
Blogger Undercover Dragon said...

Hey. Nice post. love the blog BTW SD


14 January, 2009 22:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@13 January, 2009 16:16

Haha, nice video. No FEMALE prostitutes though.

15 January, 2009 22:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when westerners hate you, you know you're doing well.

16 January, 2009 10:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately your neighbour – Oman – is also swamped; the Chinese girls tout for men at Coffee shops during the football and in the main up-scale shopping are (SABCO) what appear to have been Omani girls were soliciting. Their Pimps are so powerful they think they can stand up to ex-ministers

16 January, 2009 19:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear SD,

I have been following your blog for the last year (2008). That was the time that I thought of moving to Dubai from Ottawa. Well Im here now, have been for the last six months. In that time I think I have witnessed everything this blog talks about. I must say I am disappointed. Yes prostitution is more prevalent than in Amsterdam, its practically legal, but what worries me is the lack of respect between people. It is very disturbing that such a prosperous society has no regard towards any form of human decency. I could not believe that what I read on your blog was true. I always give the benefit of the doubt but Dubai, wow! Dubai is not compatible with the norms of society I have lived with. In fact I could never bring up my children here. Yes, I am leaving, not because of the tough economic times but because Duabi has only one direction, that is profit and greed. I cannot and will not bring up my children up in a society that is devoid of any kind of cultural norms or decency. The first time i herd of the term "hyper capitalism" was when I was in high school, it refers to a flawed society in which money rules above all. It was science fiction then. When I moved here, it became science fact. Anyway, wish I took your blog seriously it would have saved me lots time. To all those out there, this blog gives you a true idea of Dubai, what ever it may try be. Just want to tell those parents who think that this is paradise, its not. I think its a regression from humanity, you owe it to your children not to bring them up here. Canada gives so much more and ask so little. We cant wait to move back.

Best of luck to all.

17 January, 2009 05:33  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Anyway, wish I took your blog seriously it would have saved me lots time. To all those out there, this blog gives you a true idea of Dubai, what ever it may try be.

The sad thing is that you never got the chance to experience Dubai of six or seven years ago, as I did, when it was a much nicer place than now. The boom was just beginning, DMC and DIC were new, there was a real sense of optimism and growth.

Of course none of us really knew what it would mean.

If you ever do get the chance to read some of my earliest entries, there are many things that I loved and adored about Dubai back then. Partly I had the rose coloured glasses of novelty on, everything was new and different and it was a huge adventure.

And partly - regrettably - it was because I had the glasses of ignorance on. I wasn't looking behind the scenes and thinking what led to the five star treatment for expats, or the speed in which they could put up a new building, or the cheapness of taxi cabs or cleaners or workpeople.

All that dawned just as Dubai exploded into the megapolis of consumerism, traffic, concrete hell towers, greed, racism, exploitation and inequality that it is today. That is not what the vision should have been. There should have been a clearer vision for the sustainable, the meaningful, preserving traditions while being progressive in a measured and compassionate way.

Sure those things have always been there - they are there in any society - but the Vision led their expansion, intensification and exacerbation when it should have done the reverse. There should have been no workers still living in slum like conditions, not hundreds of thousands more.

I am sorry you got the worst of it. But I am glad that you are the sort of person that was able to see the reality so quickly and clearly. I do think it is possible to live in Dubai and raise a family in a healthy way. I just think that it is infinitely harder to do so than in any country with proper social equality and political accountability.

17 January, 2009 09:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear SD,

Thank you for your reply. Keep up the good work on the blog, I will continue to visit it hoping that things get better for all those living in Dubai.

17 January, 2009 13:09  
Blogger Zeeshan said...

Not only local emirati men but foreigners from all over the world, specially europe and US use these girls. Dubai is decaying not only financially but morally too.

My blogs:

17 January, 2009 21:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah alas the long debated issue.

how is it possible that porn channels on youtube are blocked (heck the entire site is) yet you can do down your building, walk across the corner and hire 7 prostitutes?

can someone spell hypocrite?


18 January, 2009 00:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People, you have missed the point. Prostitution is not the problem. God bless these ladies whom have decided, for better or for worse, to work in the sex trade. The issue is exploitation and the lack of regulation. i have seen in dubai these free spirited ladies get abused and molested and they have no legal recourse. In fact they are not even treated as humans buy the dubai government. They are people whos rights need to be respected. Until their profession is regulated they will continue to be the big losers.

Only a small percentage like there job and thats all they have. They come from abused backgrounds and dubai to them is a fantasy. Dubai feeds on their misfortune. God bless them all.

18 January, 2009 01:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is very disturbing that such a prosperous society has no regard towards any form of human decency.

This is the norm in all the GCC sandpits. It has nothing to do with greed or consumerism; it is an Arab cultural aspect.

18 January, 2009 08:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

funny that prostitution is kept alive to promote tourism

18 January, 2009 12:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well some people are finally getting the reality. and to think some still say all this is written because westerners hate dubai's success....:-)

18 January, 2009 16:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD, how do I get in touch with you via email? Your blog has no contact info. If you don't feel comfortable listing your ID (understandable) kindly click on my name and it will lead to my website. You can contact me there and I can reply. I live in the USA and operate a high traffic website on dubai city. thanks

18 January, 2009 20:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny thing is that booze and whores launched Dubai. This place had brothels under tents by Port Rasheed in the 70s. The genius of H.H Shk. Maktoum was to move the whores indoors in prefab, air conditioned, barracks. The rest as they say is history. Oh, and the fact that Sharjah decided to go dry and Dubai opened the booze taps also helped.
Then came the money laundering banks but that is another story folks.

19 January, 2009 00:52  
Blogger Patricia Hannigan said...

Prostitution is universal. It has always existed and always will. It thrives in the west and the east, in wealthy and poor countries, and, no matter what the prevailing religion might be. Prostitution is part of all human societies, though through the years, some societies have repressed it somewhat, by criminalizing it and imposing harsh penalties. Like death.

The more significant issue in Dubai, I believe,is the fact that in one generation, the local culture went from being a closed, traditional society to being a very open and modern society. The adjustment has, of course, been difficult. Some people have easily adapted to a new reality, while others are struggling to keep a hold on past ways. Then you pour foreigners from all corners of the globe... and tons of money... into the country. This will inevitably create a volatile mix.

And then, along comes a dire world economic crisis. One has to hope that there are smart, benevolent, respectful people in power paying attention as this all unfolds.

My goal is to play golf in Dubai in 09. Hope it works out. :o)

19 January, 2009 08:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The vision is dead!

19 January, 2009 08:34  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Hi Sunil,

You can reach me at my username here at gmail.



19 January, 2009 09:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course prostitution is universal.
The problem with prostitution is not a prostitution by itself but the refusal to acknowledge that in your country you have a prostitution. The problem is not prostitutes but the people who use them and do not want to admit that they do. The problem also lie with people who want to use prostitutes but blame their "want" on prostitutes not on their own hormones/lack of restraint. The problem is that the prostitutes are looked on as something not human or at best partly human and blamed for things which are not their faults.

I am also not sure if local society become so open and modern. The emirati have all gadgets of modernity but I believe that majority of emirati society itself is neither modern nor open.(by ermirati I mean citizens of UAE)
I think not many ex-pats have emirati close friends and not many emirati have many western or non-emirati friends.
I don't know if I am right, am I?

19 January, 2009 10:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That clip is sooooo funny !
Well done, whoever made it !

19 January, 2009 20:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which hotels and/or areas are the most affected by prostitution?

23 January, 2009 17:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good Blog....

I think that you should be careful not to become very negative about everything. This may blind you and lead to hatred.

I agree with the comments. You cannot regulate somehting when you do not admit it exists !!

The main cause of all sort of problems in the UAE is the fact that self interests come first, especially in Duabi, where no body cares about the public interest.

I have to assure you all that the majority of Emaraties are not happy with whats going on in Duabi (we all share that). But in a complicated system like ours which is based on loyalty it is hard to do anything about it.

The Emaraties still have a long way to go in regard to understanding and becoming more aware of what equality and human rights means. They also need some time to get red of the religious and tribal shackles, which are the main cause of racism and inequality(even among Emaraties).

It is a matter of time and improvement of the educational system.

First step is to accpet crititism (not to take it personally)and admit the mistakes and defects.

To sheanonymous:

I am an Emarati (Citizen) and i have western friends, not colleagues but actuall friends who i hang out with and exchange family visits.


27 January, 2009 03:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no prostitutes, no dubai, lets face it, there are hundreds of thousands of prostitiutes, just go to rattle snake its full of whores! or any bar in bur dubai, and those are the cheap ones, go to the nice nightclubs and u get the more expensive russians, and offcourse the emiraties love the morroconas cos they can dress them up in abaya and they will look local, every english man and western man uses prostititues, why do you think there are so many STD's amongst expat western men, and lets not forget the emiraties, and little labourers, who use the 10dhs ones on bank street..even the airhostess for emirates are big whores, not in the conventianl way, but find a rich boyfriend, sleep with him, get him to buy her(or him, just check out gaydar its full of nasty EK male hos) loads of presents, then ditch him! but if dubai didnt have its prostitutes, it wouldnt be as fun and crazy, thats why we like it no?

27 January, 2009 16:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey SD,

Regular reader, first time commenter. Please don't stop what you do - even though the blog is blocked in Dubai. That is exactly what they want to happen. You bring fresh perspective and inside information on the real Dubai. Once I finally move back to Dubai (this September) I intend to continue reading this blog, Etisalat be damned. Keep it up.

S. P. D.

27 January, 2009 22:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have lived in Dubai for 5 years out of the last nine and I have often visited the bars where there are many prostitutes.

I made good friends with several groups of African women - from Ethiopia, Uganda and Nigeria. They are just normal human

beings doing a really tough job for the sake of their families back home. They are not evil, they are not immoral. The huge

majority of them have a plan and a mission to send money home and set up their families with a home and a business, then,

with luck, they can return after more than 10 years doing that awful job, without their families knowing what they were really doing. If you are serious about helping them, do what I am doing and put your money where your mouth is. I have now sent 4 girls back to their country - one in Ethiopia, two in Uganda and one in Nigeria. I have built the house / funded the business and educated the children. I have changed their lives and set them free. The families are so happy and see that they have a future which is of their own making. I visit them all several times a year to see that the money is being well spent and to offer advice if it is requested, but mostly to be part of a family who has been given a small chance and made the most of it. The best thing you can do for these girls is to get them away from Dubai, back home, and assist them to be independent and most important of all to support the education of the children. All the kids I see in these families want to be at school, but often their parents cannot afford the simplest things like shoes, uniforms, books and pens. It is a ridiculously small amount of money needed to ensure a child is educated. Similarly it costs very little to fund a simple business of THEIR choosing. Do it now, believe me I know how joyous it is to change the lives of these brave people.

28 January, 2009 15:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to the above comment. God bless you.

01 February, 2009 22:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shitty city full of radars and ignorant yemeni police that are afraid of sheiks and other towel heads with influence.

Not worth visiting, just a 1hr transit piss in the airport and leave

02 February, 2009 15:56  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I've put a link up to the Dubai Info site seeing as it's relevant to the main subject here.

I've deleted a link to a non-related site about cars, sorry, but that's just not relevant material for a link swap.

I've also deleted a post in Arabic with a link to a site that is also 100% in Arabic. I can't read Arabic (save for a few words - hummous, dubai, and my own name) so I can't check what's being said.

I can just about manage French. If you want to comment in French feel free, and I'll do my best to post an English translation.

And thank you every one else for all the great comments!

08 February, 2009 09:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We love u SD. Keep doing what you are doing. Yes, your blog is a blessing. Keep it up.

20 February, 2009 00:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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26 February, 2009 22:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all that I did not know about Dubai. Somebody mentioned in one of the blogs about most Emarati men going after young boys. I can second that and would like to add that this is not only in UAE but very prevalent in countries like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Iraq,Kuwait, Qatar (most Arab countries). In Saudi, it is very risky to leave your child - boys especially (girls are safe) out of site even for a short time. If you are living in a building, your neighbour could target your boy. Abuses happen everywhere and everytime and who will you complain to? The police? they are also of the same type and take it very lightly. Most boys targeted are Indian, Pakistani, Bengali ones that are helpless and weak. It does not mean Arab boys are safe and have immunity from these boy rapers and molesters. Arab schools are where boys get badly abused by the teachers and principles and fellow students. Especially,if your boy is good looking, he is not safe. Arab boys too, when they have to take revenge, they gang rape boys.
They prey on boys and threaten not to speak or complain.

Not safe countries for young boys or even bring up your children.

May these people who prey upon and abuse innocent and take advantage of helpless kids and people pay a heavy price one day. Amen.

Man against Child and Human Abuse

04 March, 2009 07:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The govt of dubai has mixed progression with prostitution and alcohol.The next generations of UAE,specially of dubai will not remember the tallest, the longest, the biggest, the widest but the CANCER that was willfully brought by rulers of this time.Dubai would be held responsible by historians for this crime. They should have concentrated on becoming a technological hub in the region with transfer of technology like singapore, malaysia,,,rather they chose night clubs, pretty girls, alcohol and social immorality...Let the history shape up true comments

26 May, 2009 14:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course there is another side of Dubai, like any other residence in the world. I have not only lived in Dubai for the past two years, but lived throughout Europe, South and North America; are things that very different in these other places? NO. A centuries long tradition of prostitution exists everywhere; observed by my own two eyes, but after reading this thread, I have found myself asking tow distinct questions; Dubai HIV rates through prostitution, and cultural adaptation due to prostitution.

In regards to HIV, this is a global pandemic that effects all walks of life; I agree there are professions of higher risk, prostitution being one of them. Most of these girls are well aware of the risks associated with their line of work; therefore, are HIV rates greater in Dubai beyond what is being observed on a global scale? NO. Majority of these woman require a condom being used at all costs. Essentially, most professionals are very educated and test themselves regularly, unlike the general population, as they are very concerned about this pandemic as well. As I am well educated on the risks and transmission of HIV, it is my opinion, of those who contract the disease fail to use condom sense; a practice again used wisely in the UAE; a very educated Expat community.

In regards to cultural adaptivity to prostitution? I have to wonder why, we as a society should blind ourselves or our children from such activities. If I do not educate or inform my 2 year daughter that young women sell themselves for sex; do they simply not exist at this point? This type of rhetoric and methodology is misinformed and causes sever consequences in the future; why should we not educate our young on the true atmosphere that we have created as human beings. You may reiterate all kinds of gospels from all races and religions, but yet again, indications that prostitution was a well established entity of any century is well established. Simply abandoning the fact does not obscure the fate of our children, but educating our young will change the future on what other opportunities are outside of this type of profession. For the guy who previously posted, Canadian, who abandoned his position here in Dubai due to the number of sex workers and raising a child; open the internet back in Montreal or Quebec, 30 minutes or less, you too will have a hooker at your door; only exception here is that they have moved to the digital age; you are an idiot. As i have stated before, i have lived here for the past 2 years, and yes, if i wanted a hooker, I can easily get one; bur Dubai for example; yet, I do have a wife and family, and I have no problems going out on the town or having a drink without being propositioned; liked anywhere in this world, you can find a hooker if you look for them. You will not cultural adapt to become a prostitute because others around you have chosen this profession; again economics and family upbringing. Unfortunately, we cannot all be welcomed to the world with a million dollars, so finally look into yourself and the history of the world, in regards to the, fact that prostitution is well in Demand globally. Ultimately, Stop going to hooker bars if you do not want to get propositioned. You are an idiot if you believe that prostitution is an isolated event and that you can shelter your family and friends beyond your home town, so I must reiterate that education is the best key for both our young to choose other options in life and for the people who choose to have sex with hookers for sex; use a condom.


20 June, 2009 01:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am an American woman working in Kuwait. I have taken several trips to Dubai, Qatar, and Bahrain. Let me just say I have been so disturbed by what I have seen in these areas. I question whether I would ever be able to trust a man. I know not all men are cheaters and liars, but based on what I've seen here, most are...

I am even more embarrassed by the amount of men from the U.S. partaking in the sex industry. I do believe that most people are capable of anything, and it is up to society to keep each other in check. I do NOT believe that prostitution is inevitable, and we should just except it. Slavery was the norm for quite sometime, and still is in a few areas, more like indentured servitude now, but does that mean we should just except it and regulate it?? Abusing women is common all over the globe, and yes prostitution is a form of abuse on women, should we just except it??

I REALLY don't believe you can compare doing a search online and seeing some pictures, to watching 3teenager hookers walk out of an apartment with a 70 year old man. Not even in the same ballpark. Or not being able to leave a grocery store without being propositioned. I can honestly tell you, prostitution isn't nearly as common in the U.S. You have to look for it, it doesn't find you. I can't leave my apartment building in Kuwait with out seeing a bunch of Asian/Phillipino women hailing cabs outside used up from the night before. Then the next week I watch the wife and children of these men walk in to the same apartment several young girls were just in the week before. It makes my stomach turn, and my heart grows colder everytime.

A guy I work with said he had never used a prostitute and never would. He was spending a lot of time with a group of guys that said "it is the norm, everybody does it, it isn't cheating, it is the worlds first profession", and a month later watched him walk in a back room with a hooker his friend had reccomended. His wife showed up two weeks later none the wiser. My blood begins to boil just writing this. If you need to have sex with multiple women, then don't get married, or get in a relationship. It seems that people lose all sense of morals when over here.

One more thing, I can't believe that the U.S. is always attacked for its lack of morals. I had never seen so many disturbing, immoral things in my life, until I came to live in the middle east. Interesting...... I have made many amazing, intelligent, kind local friends from all over this area, but the need to just ignore the reality here is where the problem stems. The First Step is admitting you have a problem.

05 September, 2009 17:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With all my respect dear lady... I'm an East European young lady and thank God i travel alot with my husband. First of all, l have to agree with you all here... YES there is prostitution in Dubai... I'm sure in some cases we can talk about traficking, but let's admit it is not that worse than in Europe or USA... Please... We are mature and honest enough (l hope) to know that all the bad things started from USA and West Europe. You know what happens to many girls of my country who went to West Europe to work? Some of them were caught there by pimps and have been tortured, have been forced to "work" for nothing...the happiest cases came back home with their body and their soul destroied with NO money. In UAE the prostitutes can consider themselves happy. I'm sure most of them are there by their own wish. I did'nt finish... Dubai and GCC are very safe... In Dubai, l walked by myself to the mall and any person bothered me. In Italy, Rome, l could'nt walk 5 min and the man started to bother me and in some cases it happens worst... So, you are bothered why they have prostitutes in Dubai and GCC? Well, i'm bothered about your hypocrisy. I'm bothered about what the US army did in Irak. Not only killing, but raping also, man, women, kids. I'm bothered you try to blame Muslim countries, especially Arab countries for something what happens anywhere on the planet and what strated from your country. I'm bothered that your country gets involved in everything while they destroy this beautiful planet and people. Yes, every bad thing started from USA!!!my husband has friends give a break about the locals raping boys... What other lies you will say about them? Why you just dont look inside your society? Watch the news and you will realise what kind of crimes and not only happen in USA. What "great" things happen in the jails there? Have you heard about GCC to start a war? But we all have heard about what USA did and still does... I prefer to see man going for sex than soldiers killing people. SO, my dear lady (you, the one who lives in Kuweit) if you dont like, please go back to your "dream country". You know why you wont go back? Because there you wont be paid so well and because is the end of that country who made only bad things and gave bad example to the others and after to blame the rest of the world. The American people dont like sex??? Again, give me a break, pleaseeeee!!!

05 January, 2010 00:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

After spending 5 weeks in Dubai, I came to the conclusion that the majority of Emiraties are not educated (that is why they need western expatriates),
rascist, and arrogant.
The westerns who live there, are as bad for they will not do HALF of the things they do if they were back home in England or Germany. Dubai has been built on the back of those poor immigrants from South Asia, passports confiscated, paid $1 per hour, living 10 to 12 in a single room outsite of town.
Shame on you Mohamed Al Maktoum, someone named you after after The Prophet, but you are a tiran, shame on you Saudis, Lebanese, Syrians and Koweites you are as guilty as the Emiraties. All of you in the Middle East please stop giving lessons of moraities to other musilms and to the west, you are wicked. I hope to see the day when you oil will run out. Allah O Akbar.

09 January, 2010 18:04  
Blogger Unknown said...


27 February, 2010 20:33  
Blogger david said...


27 February, 2010 20:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you guys doesn't like Dubai, just leave it..! Many other western expats willing to seek petro dirhams in Dubai. Just fly out and stay calm in your home town buddy..!

04 March, 2010 09:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

truly said, if you have so many problems in dubai..just leave it and live in ur home rocks...everything comes with 2 faces..good and chill

10 January, 2011 13:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dubai is one of the Muslim called counties is the holds the immense number of pimps from Iran and Emirates local as well.

The locals hire Iranis to bring girls from the mentioned counties and half of the money goes to their families which means Locals are all Harami and pimps.

The locals pray five times and during the night they all disguise and spend the night in discos . They pay less attention to their wives and local Emirates have sex with other men.

21 April, 2011 12:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How much is it just for a blow job?

18 June, 2011 16:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, let's all blame Dubai for the nature of men. Let's blame Dubai for inventing money. Let's all titillate over the amount of sweaty humping and teat suckling going on there, as if it was the first time it ever happened in history! yes, Dubai is truly a terrible place!

25 October, 2011 19:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My son and his wife are there. She is a teacher, and he has been unable to find work. With free housing, subsidized food, and around ten dollars a month for unlimited bus usage, they say they are rolling in money.

In the US, she wore slacks all the time. In UAE, she wears old fashioned skirts well below the knees.

He lost around 60 pounds, back to the weight of his youth, thanks to the Atkins Diet, and runs two hours in 120 degree weather. He whined when he returned to the US a few months ago. Running at 95 degrees, he couldn't even work up a sweat.

His wife has oodles of friends, and she is very happy there.After 1.5 years, they have no desire to live in the US again. They were actually homeless before going over there. That is the US experience for too many.

Clearly, people are different.

Anonymous age 69

17 December, 2011 19:42  
Blogger Jazzy said...

well am surprised about Dubai but after going through all those comments, i only see hate. Prostitution is everywhere and i think i would agree with the comments that said that if you don't like it in Dubai, Pack up and just leave.
Dubai authorities should also make sure prostitution is discrete because its nasty and immoral

06 January, 2012 08:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Almost everyone that has written on this blog has a point, some more than others. Personally, as an expat that travels to Dxb on business regularly over the past 5-6 years, i have to agree that dubai loses its luster very quickly for me. to the Eastearn European woman who found it conveniet to slam all her hate on are a bit disalusioned. Most Americans didn't want to be in Iraq. We are tired of spending our tax dollars, not to mention our sons and daughters lives, policing the world on borrowed money. wse have enough ruobles here at home to take care of. Personanly speaking as a traveled American, most Americans have no idea about the rest of the world except for what they see on tv which is mostly crap! So keep your hatred to yourself. Americans on ht ewhole are a very generous and helpful...but only when we want to be. If you ask we will help, if you expect, well...I say tough S$$t!

12 January, 2012 06:53  
Blogger frig_en_dig said...

To the anonymous American woman who posted on Jan 5th 2010, I can't express in words how much I agree with what you said. People here should realize that there's a problem, then begin to fix it. But everybody's pretending everything's perfect and pure and turning a blind eye to this bullshit. Truly abhorrent, not that prostitution exists, but that it's in a pseudo-muslim country.

09 May, 2012 05:00  
Anonymous openminded said...

i am considering on working in dubai in the near future. The fact that there is a great deal of prostitution does not bother me as it is prevelent in every country where there are men.Thats the entire world. Based on the research iv conducted so far iv found out that indians as well as other asians are not respected but we must understand that we are going to this country to work and make some money and have some fun.and we do not give a crap of what happens to dubai as long as we can make our money, it is best not go crazy as you see the beauties that dubai offer. I think thats the reson for people to loose their way and mess up an opportunity to have a supperb adventure. There is a saying ; when in rome be like the roman's; so dont emotionally attach you self to dubai and go to an extent of trying to educate your children their its a metropolis for adults and the strong willed to enjoy.I think people need to adapt to the culture of dubai and embrace the difference it portrays in comparison to the other gulf countries.
How ever the spread of aids needs to be controlled and proper regulation enforced. Prostitution is required for any economy its a neccessary frill to attract people and in this case investment in to dubai. The people are the key for the existance and growth of dubai, since its greatest asset is the ability to build hope in the minds of people millions of miles away.

16 May, 2012 14:37  

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