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01 August, 2010

Bye Bye Blackberry

One quick guess what happened here:

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority has said that BlackBerry Messenger, BlackBerry E-mail and BlackBerry Web-browsing services in the UAE will be suspended as of October 11.

The suspension is a result of the failure of ongoing attempts, dating back to 2007, to bring BlackBerry services in the UAE in line with UAE telecommunications regulations.


Today's decision is based on the fact that, in their current form, certain BlackBerry services allow users to act without any legal accountability, causing judicial, social and national security concerns for the UAE.

The UAE tried to get RIM to let them snoop user data, and RIM told them to fuck off.




Anonymous Soraal said...

I love the last sentence. Really good summary of what happened. For what it's worth, RIM had every right to tell them to fuck off.

01 August, 2010 14:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course, this is all a misunderstanding. Terribly so...

01 August, 2010 15:02  
Blogger Rupert Neil Bumfrey said...

Come on Secret, please get back to the days of you breaking the story!

Your posts are much missed.

01 August, 2010 15:11  
Blogger Macthomson said...

My former boss, a local, was an early adopter and now has not one but two BlackBerries. Business visitors to his offices are similarly equipped.

I predict confusion in October...

Also... I agree with Bumfrey!

01 August, 2010 15:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

More censorship and bureaucratic BS from the idiots in Abu Dhabi.

No doubt though Etisalat and DU will roll out some lame-ass substitute so they don't have to cancel the contracts on the phones.

01 August, 2010 19:08  
Blogger Kyle said...

Kudos to RIM's software engineers for deciphering the amateur jargon that caught Etisalad with their pants down!

Ah, the joys of hacking!

01 August, 2010 20:20  
Anonymous The Days of Yore said...

SD, I miss your blog.
No, I'm not being moronic.
I mean, I miss your blog filled with tales of colourful Dubtown characters, like the aspirational Lola LebCan and Panjit of Punjab.
Please go back to the days of yore. I come to relish in those stories, not snippets of today's headline complete with a snazzy quip proceeding the link to the article.

Please? For Olde Times sake?


01 August, 2010 23:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol now what will all the local girls walking around dubai mall dressed as lady gaga in an abaya do with themselves with no BB!

02 August, 2010 00:58  
Blogger S. said...

My how quickly we forget. Did anyone forget the debacle where they tried to install spyware on people's Blackberry devices to see what they were doing?

When that failed and nothing else worked, here we are.

Everything one does in the UAE is monitored.. Everything.

Are they going to stop web based email services too? That data is hosted on outside servers as well.

Also funny how all the "we support the TRA comments on that site are all "anonymous"


02 August, 2010 06:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the TRA gripes with blackberries is that the data is stored outside the borders of UAE

Hmmm.... wonder where store their data.... crap

Wonder where is hosted, along with the & ..... awww crap

Lets see, encryption... hmmm.... crap gtalk and gmail default to SSL throught out the session... carp

hmmm... facebook... crap

hmmm ... what if someone one uses alternate IM clients on their phone or PC over the regular data service..... crap its possible to tunnel out :(

And if they really want to read everyone emails, and IM clients, what are they gonna do ban VPNs?

Its saber rattling
Lets see if they have the balls to cut off the blackberries on the 11th of October
Not because they cannot, they can; not worried about the consumer backlash... haha sheep in the UAE

Waiting for businesses ( non local businesses ) to throw a fit.

02 August, 2010 10:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"What changed is that the device became extremely popular and people started to express themselves freely in a manner not expected by the authorities in the UAE.

"BlackBerry gave them a new horizon that was not available before. Which is something that authorities would not be happy about, because people recently started to talk about their civil rights and their economic and political rights."


He said the government was angered last month after word got out that a group of people using Messenger were attempting to organise peaceful demonstrations to protest a hike in gasoline prices.

Accused of inciting opposition to the government, this led to the arrest and interrogation of several users of BlackBerry Messenger who tried to organise the protest, according to Reporters Without Borders.

02 August, 2010 18:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here we go again. The rest of the world doesn't need to pour shit on UAE anymore, they do it to themselves

02 August, 2010 20:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The UAE tried to get RIM to let them snoop user data, and RIM told them to fuck off.

Really. Then why didn't RIM tell the US government to fuck off, when RIM were informed that if they wanted to operate in the USA, they would have to give their server keys to the FBI.

And you can bet your arse, RIM were given the same ultimatum by the British government, by having to provide the encyption keys to GCHQ.

The Gulf states might not be shining examples of liberal democracy, but when it comes to spying on their own people, they're clueless amateurs compared to the USA & UK.

04 August, 2010 00:07  
Blogger S. said...

Really. Then why didn't RIM tell the US government to fuck off, when RIM were informed that if they wanted to operate in the USA, they would have to give their server keys to the FBI.

And you can bet your arse, RIM were given the same ultimatum by the British government, by having to provide the encyption keys to GCHQ.

Really now. Its not about data privacy per se. Nothing you say is sacred anymore. What it is about is what they can use the data for or how they will use it. If I send you a bunch of emails saying protest something in Dubai or say disparaging remarks about HH, you can be sure YOU will be getting a friendly knock on the door. Even if that happened in the US, there is due process to see if you really were at fault. Try getting a fair trial in Dubai and see where it gets you.

Other states may have due judicial process, the UAE is so far away from fair laws and fair trials that you should be scared of what they can do to you if they wanted to.

04 August, 2010 09:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the idiot that's comparing the United Crap Demerits to the US/UK

1. UAE is a 3rd world country, meaning their policy changes at anytime the shake wants <--- fuck him and his pathetic ambitions.

2. All these concerns about security talk against terrorists etc...etc... is bullshit (locals know it has something to do with the head of FNC that doesn't pay his fines and drives like maniac + protest against petrol price rise and more...torture video)

3. RIM should add the UAE to their blacklist and address them as ignorants of the 21st century.

4. People should do what I've done and leave that shit-hole, hope they stay bankrupt for the rest of their lives.

04 August, 2010 12:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other states may have due judicial process, the UAE is so far away from fair laws and fair trials that you should be scared of what they can do to you if they wanted to.

This isn't about the UAE's democratic credentials (which are zero) it's about hypocrisy. Everybody is bashing the UAE when, what they're demanding is simply what the USA & UK demanded from RIM a few years ago - and got. India too.

In this context, your "Our system is better than theirs" argument, is meaningless.

04 August, 2010 12:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anon above, you would not really know what exactly went on between US/ UK or India and RIM. We have no idea what exactly they wanted access to, and what was granted. Maybe it was not about some data on protests against petrol prices. in UAE they wanted data to destroy individuals who dare protest, or just try to raise their voice.

And I AM NOW getting really tired of these sick scumbags of middle east requesting proper democratic countries to apply their charter or rules written for their citizens, to countries like UAE, Pakistan and their terrorists. It does not really take rocket science to figure out that terrorists and their supporters will get often unfairly treated in democratic countries when they try to kill their citizens, or destroy what they stand for. Just live with it, and suck it up.

04 August, 2010 16:09  
Anonymous pucker up said...

Its all sexual guys. And its as simple as this. The UAE wishes to inspect and investigate RIM. So the UAE wants to give them a RIMJOB. Its now realised that there's more out there than straight ol' Missionary.
Aint life a bummer.

05 August, 2010 00:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys are just annoyed that you are living and making money, and now you are getting disconnected, and that 125 AED or 189 AED your paying is going to be not worth it, and this defines your rational brains to find reasons to justify your anger. but guess what your explanation verdict will not do fucking shit.

If RIM says to Fuck you...then UAE says back FUCK YOU, many other countries are following the same track. the TRA is yet a young federal authority, and as the country is building a strong vision for the 2021, you will see many of such discussion in the coming months, that will assure you guys are aligned correctly on how to live and make money here.

so who ever doesn't like it, then the same tag of our SDD blogger applies to you.

07 August, 2010 14:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The UAE tried to get RIM to let them snoop user data, and RIM told them to fuck off.

Not anymore. RIM just bent over, grimaced, and took it in the arse from the Saudi's. LOL.

07 August, 2010 20:42  
Anonymous Sheikh Hassan said...

I think it is really a positive step by UAE and Saudi Arabia. Anything which becomes a threat for national security should be tackled as it has been tackled by UAE and Saudi Arabia. I hope countries like Pakistan and Indian also take some steps forward in this concern.

08 August, 2010 14:11  
Anonymous Silvia said...

The whole story seems fishy to me. Not sure if its trying to control technology or the information it provides. Be glad when it all sorts out. Either way, it's not good for business or cultural exchange.

08 August, 2010 23:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had to wait 21 comments for the spineless sycophantic comment from the South Asia/expat Arab

Dear Shaikh Hassan, I am South Asian too but I not 2 faced where I pretend to kiss a***** in Saudi Arabia, and then talk bad of them in private.

You do know that mobile phones and cars are security threats as well, should they be banend?]\

09 August, 2010 08:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gulf News
Ajman: An Emirati man has been interrogated by police for attempting to organise an illegal march in the country, and subsequently fired from his job, Gulf News was told on Monday.

A top Ministry of Interior official said the man, who apparently circulated messages though a Blackberry Messenger (BBM) in an attempt to organise the march, in response to the recent fuel price increases, worked for Dubai Police.
Now all the morons who compare the current conflict of UAE and RIM to the conflict between RIM and countries like US,UK, Canada India etc:
1. Those are democratic countries, not dictatorships. They need the data to find out terrorists communication, and there are enough terrorists there funded by UAE
2.The snooping by UAE and Saudi is nothing to do with security, it has everything to do with who will raise their voice against the tin pot dictators.
3. In the end, it boils down to proper nations asking for data to protect its citizens, and UAE asking for it to protect its dictatorship.
4. Raising your voice, or talking bad about the leadership is not something that is new in democracy, in fact the newspapers there do it everyday. But here, the whole intent is to kill the voice

Now over to all the morons who say UAE has done the right thing, and is not a proud nation that said fuck you back at RIM. Hope for your sake you are from the royal family too, or these words may come back to bit your ass.

10 August, 2010 12:08  
Anonymous Dubai Property said...

Hey, who told that Blackberry is banned, it not banned at all. Only some of its services are banned in United Arab Emirates but I don't know that why this news is so much propagated in media. I don't know that what is the exact reason behind this.

11 August, 2010 09:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(Sorry this is off-topic -- couldn't find another place to post it. Might be of interest to your readers. Feel free to delete/move. Tks!)

Dubai maintenance battles reveal the downside of upkeep

Bradley Hope

* Last Updated: August 01. 2010 12:28AM UAE / July 31. 2010 8:28PM GMT

Every day, Ercelan Yazdani says he dreads the arrival of a foul odour.

The Sky Gardens Tower resident, next to Dubai International Financial Centre, says the source of the smell isn’t entirely clear.

But he has been told by the building’s maintenance staff that the pipes running through the tower have likely sprung a leak, which is allowing sewage odours to permeate through the walls.

The issue has persisted for about nine months and he says there are no plans at the moment to permanently fix the problem.

“It’s like a wake-up call,” says Mr Yazdani, who is an executive at a company in Media City. “It’s the biggest problem in my building. Sometimes, I’d rather just not go home.”

The larger issue, he says, is that the maintenance company has gradually reduced its staff to a skeleton crew. Even minor problems are ignored, he adds, leaving residents helpless when it comes to repairs.

The building is the subject of a major investor dispute currently playing out in the DIFC Courts, and its owners are allegedly behind on paying maintenance fees that fund the operating expenses of the building.

The smell at the Sky Gardens Tower isn’t an isolated incident. [...]

Maintenance fees – which average out to about Dh20,000 a year for a typical one-bedroom apartment – are broken into operating expenses and larger projects. While the latter pays for services such as gardeners, cleaning staff and security guards, the sinking fund is used to repaint buildings and replace expensive equipment such as coolers that can cost Dh3 million. [...]

But for another resident in the Sky Gardens Tower, who asked to remain anonymous, a rise in fees is the least of his problems.

While the smell in his apartment has improved of late, he is still thinking of finding a new place. “I am considering moving,” he says. “The apartments are nice – they have a good finish – but there is basically no building management anymore.”

The problem started, he says, shortly after he moved into the apartment about nine months ago. The Sky Gardens resident says he moved from an apartment in Jumeirah because he was seeking a more central location with better furnishings. Overall, the building has reached his expectations, but the persistent odour has soured him to the location. And despite sending several letters to his landlord about the problems, he has yet to receive a reply.

“It’s especially frustrating paying Dh152,000 for a two-bedroom apartment,” he says. “You don’t get the services you are promised.” [...]

“The biggest obstacle is nobody is listening,” he says. “It’s a way to get these problems out there. Some landlords own half the tower, but aren’t willing to reply to any complaints.”

Maintenance fees are sometimes hidden from potential buyers and renters but they should be fully investigated before any deal is struck, according to the facilities management company MAG Me Property Solution in Dubai.

Renters, however, are often left with few options when it comes to poor maintenance problems in buildings. They can appeal to the owner to be let out of their lease early, but they may not succeed.

Mr Yazdani and his fellow Sky Gardens resident say they are considering moving, but their landlords are not willing to let them out of their leases early. [...]

* With additional reporting by Jeffrey Todd

18 August, 2010 23:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check this out:

27 August, 2010 06:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Horrific truth about UAE:

27 August, 2010 06:32  
Anonymous Michael Jordan said...

It would appear that the UAE in fact told Blackberry to "fuck off".

01 September, 2010 00:13  
Anonymous Ahmed Salman said...

I really don’t now what is the main problem between RIM and the gov. of UAE. Why they are suspending the services of Blackberry in UAE. Rim should have to review their policies and give positive response to the gov. of UAE.

01 September, 2010 15:02  
Blogger Thats What I Said said...

Here are the Sheikh Zayed stunt drivers again They were released and fined DHMs1000 each
I wonder if this was them celebrating – on the beach (presumably forbidden otherwise why do it ) – lots of space and whoops a crash
Here are their cousins

20 September, 2010 15:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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02 October, 2010 14:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

UAE can go and fuck themselves. Better yet let them go fuck their camels and goats

12 October, 2010 02:38  
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14 October, 2010 08:36  
Anonymous blue_mirror said...

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How about some poisenberry for those jihadi's ?

15 October, 2010 01:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Souzam said...

it says it all. I bet you wont see it on GN or KT

20 October, 2010 13:50  
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Anonymous Bill Ryan said...

Well it seems to have ended nicely for RIM now with an extra string to their bow. What ahve they given up to get this?

30 October, 2010 10:53  
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Anonymous Adweb Studio said...

This is very good step of UAE Govt. Now poeple would switch to Apple:)

25 November, 2010 17:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

she thought she had it bad so she complained, now she has it much worse...CLOWN

28 December, 2010 18:25  
Anonymous Unjane said...

"And in Breaking News SDD has been captured by aliens never to be heard from again"
Bummer for me as I just busted out of my 16 year exile in the sand lands and was looking toward to uninterrupted access to this blog.

28 February, 2011 17:10  
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Blogger Unknown said...

They will change their minds - if they haven't done so already. Too many business users use Blackberries and it doesn't make sense to wipe out the number 1 phone for email used by business.

24 April, 2011 20:58  
Blogger kaya said...

After so long I come here
And have a real LMFAO moment.

21 May, 2011 02:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

huh? - I was in Dubai two days ago... Blackberry (all services) worked fine...

20 June, 2011 05:00  
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14 July, 2011 11:14  
Anonymous Phiilippines said...

I couldn't relate more with your concern regarding the blackberry issue here. Here in my country, very few own one and I happen to feel lucky to be one of the privileged.(at least). - Ana from Philippines

26 September, 2011 17:22  
Blogger louisvillechiropractic said...

Time to convert to Apple.

30 September, 2011 08:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RIM down their business, RIM should come into world media and raise the issue. RIM also down reputation as well off-course! We trust RIM, and what RIM doing a care 4us? Let's c.

03 October, 2011 12:11  
Anonymous Trey said...


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Anonymous yudee said...

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03 January, 2012 21:33  
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Blogger secretdubai said...

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25 June, 2012 15:55  

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