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04 December, 2002

Fast growing city

Driving down to Media City yet another huge concrete development is springing up in the dust alongside Sheikh Zayed Road. What innapropriate topographical title will this one be given? Emirates Valleys? Emirates Snowy Cliffs?

Perhaps I will build a small rockery on my balcony and have the Municipality redesignate the area Emirates Alps.

Virtually no one is in Media City today, as Muslims and infidels alike are skiving off for Eid. A flying sheikhmobile is circling past the office window. Can't quite discern what bedishdashed dignitary it contains, if any. Perhaps it's got lost on the way to the Burj.

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Blogger m said...

so this is ur first entry. Its amazing how much the fan following has grown in these years. Im just a high-school student but i wish that one day i have as much of a fan following. Its interesting to see how after these years u r still as much of a skeptic as u were when u began. I have seen a flipside, a dark underbelly of this town that even so many of its residents miss. It is my last year in this dump and after 16 years (I was born here) i will be glad to leave a society where no one seems to look beyond themselves. congratulations on your achievement and good luck for the future and in case the TRA feels a bit threatened, ill sign ur petition lol. it prolly wont make a difference ...........

24 October, 2007 22:09  

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