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23 December, 2002

Logos from Hell

If one person needs to be fired in the emirate of Dubai, it is the design head for Emaar group.

First came the appallingly unoriginal Dubai Bank logo - a weak-looking version of the Burj or Al Jazeera logo ("it looks like a pair of saggy tits" as one colleague mentioned).

And now the city is blitzed with billboards for the"Arabian Ranches" housing development (two horses and a few villas in the middle of the desert). Using the unmistakeable image of a sanitary towel. At a stretch one could almost imagine it is an elongated white saddle shape, but to the instant recognition of most, it is the Always Ultra advert.

What will their next development be? Tampax Towers?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Tampax Towers have already been developed.. Ask any Cape Tonian.

And the Arabian Ranches looks more like a cartoon steak I thought than a crash matt but it's a fair observation.

If your talking bad logos though then the new Jumeriah has got to be in with a shout or that stupid 'tick' for Dubai Holdings!

23 January, 2006 22:28  

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