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12 December, 2002

Thursday Brunch

No work today, due to a planned excursion up the Pirate Coast to Ras Al Khaimah, the outback of the Emirates. Brunched in The One, where arguably the most grievous-yet piece of "editorial feedback" appeared in today's Khaleej Times.

In brief: the Khaleej Times warns readers of two computer viruses, that are actually hoaxes. Reader with at least two brain cells writes in to point this out. Khaleej Times response: "Thank you for your letter, but please don't be so hard on us. 99% of people wouldn't know this."

Yes - but you're allegedly "journalists" with a platform enabling you to spread urban ignorance beyond dimension. The easiest of Googles or a quick trip to could have curtailed your stupidity before broadcasting it to your bewildered readership. Frankly all those poor Khaleej Times readers desperately now trying to restore the vital .dll they've deleted at your ill-informed behest should class action you.



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