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16 January, 2003

The Horror

Turned on Free FM this morning (pron. IFF IMM due to entirely Antipodean staff) to discover a horrifyingly cruel "world music" experiment is being conducted live on air. Robbie Williams, SClub7 and Eminem tracks are punctuated by ghastly Arab wailing.

Switch over to be blasted with the greater terror of a feeble Midlands accent plugging his Saturday job:

"I'm Wild Dave and I'll be revving it up at the Boat Club, Be There."

Dave, the only thing you should be revving up is your motor on the way to the airport and a flight back to Birmingham.



Blogger Keef said...

I always wanted to phone Tanya and ask her how she could tell the difference between the failed video format (BetaMax) and the station's tagline (The Beta Max).

03 April, 2005 18:23  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I used to hear it as "the bitter mix".

03 April, 2005 18:41  

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