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11 March, 2003


Or so the PR company that represents The Gardens is secretly referring to the latest slum-in-the-sand. Same spicy cooking, same screaming brats, but less cars and thicker walls than Little Bombay, so it will do for now.

Dubai's next "exciting" project aims to be a world-record breaking size maze, right next to the sandy slum. Bizarrely, the Emirate doesn't seem to have realised that the world's most intricate and evil labyrinth is already within its bounds, masquerading as a cheap swedish furniture store in City Centre mall. Furniture which looks least worse in its unopened, flat-packed form.

Lost one day in the winding wastelands of Eekeea, having run out of water, Kendal mint cake and hexane for the camping stove, a kindly staff gnome saved me from starvation and exhaustion by letting me slip through a secret passage in a central storage area, cutting at least two hours from my journey of furniture hell. A very lucky escape.

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