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25 April, 2003

Goodbye Ms Chips

Margery flew home tonight, laden down with stuffed camels, mirrorwork bags, postcards and other souvenirs, but sadly light on oil-rich sheikhs. She'll save on excess baggage, at least.

It's been an eventful trip for the quiet schoolmarm - modelling for the winning entry in a photo competition (prize: Palm PDA), trips to the Burj Al Arab, a mad dash into the desert and back to fulfil the mandatory tourist visa requirement of visiting Hatta Fort Hotel, and the free enema courtesy of Wild Wadi's Jumeirah Sceirah 80kmph water ride.

Even dinner with The Samurai - now officially a Doctor (academic not medical) - has not put Margery off the tiny emirate of Dubai, she plans to return in the summer. The spare room, adorned with finest woven-nylon carpet of Sheikh Zayed, will be waiting for her.

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