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24 May, 2003

Poorly written'n'out of date

Does the Khaleej Times believe it is "trendy" or amusing to title its index column News n Features? Has the semi-literate typing monkey not managed to discover the ampersand key? Or have some bi-lingual keyboard profile settings replaced the ampersand with a hamza?

Such mysteries. More intriguing, certainly, than the parish gazette sub-district output of the rag. A slow day for the internet yesterday (if the Etishite proxy wasted less time censoring pictures of my pet dog on Geocities things might not be quite so snailpace), the joys of palm oil, and more e-learning.

And "First batch of UAE women in agricultural centres." Growing Emiratis by seed to boost the population? We can but hope it was a fruitful harvest.

And the execrable "Papa in Blunderland" - the UAE's own entry for the World's Most Painfully Unhumorous Newspaper Cartoon 2003 awards. The only thing even less bearable than this hideously unfunny moustachioed ink-waste of non-humour must be the Guiness World Record holder for Greatest Print Abomination Ever, Rebecca Ferrari's unspeakably vacuous "Thinking" Aloud column in Friday magazine.



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