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12 May, 2003

Saudi strip-tease spectacular

A quite amazingly dressed young Saudi girl has been wiggling around the newsroom at SHAC, clad in various transparent - even stretchy fish-net - abayas, with a headscarf about the seventh of the size of one of the seven veils. She wastes a great deal of time trying to balance it on the underneath of the back of her head. Short of someone inventing an anti-gravity laundry spray, it is doomed to always float back down to her neck.

But what her clothes lack in substance her make-up makes up for tenfold: trowel thick clay complexion, painted and varnished lips, eyelashes so heavy she must use nylon threads sellotaped to her forehead to keept them open. The living, breathing Riyadh version of a Japanese manga schoolgirl.

The edit suite boyz LTAO every time she walks - wobbles - past. Word has it she's been sent from "on high" (ie the fifth floor: a sheikh not actually God, but not far off) for "training." It's obviously failed so far.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And thats because they get the marks they want rtaher than deserve. Otherwise we all get fired - "teacher"

24 March, 2005 10:47  

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