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02 May, 2003

Would the driver in Lane 3 please step forward?

An investigative survey on Sheikh Zayed road reveals the following, that out of every twenty drivers doing 40kmph in the third lane:

* 1 is a European man, usually on a mobile phone
* 1 is a Jumeirah Jane driving a Paj
* 1 is either an Arab or Indian lady, always with a friend in the front seat
* 17 are an Indian man with a moustache, 85% of the time driving a Nissan Sunny

In the interests of faster journeys and lower road rage, this Indian gentlemen is requested to step forward and hand over his car keys, whereupon a personal chauffeur will be hired for him instead. Most likely this chauffeur will Kerala's own Sheikh Mohan, the Villeneuve of Media city, replete with moustache but also the ability to (a) find the accelerator and (b) press it.

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