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24 June, 2003

Candidates of Calibre

Wonderful to see Tanmia - a goverment body trying to get Emiratis into the workforce - suggest quotas for nationals in the private sector.

That means we will be all the more encouraged to employ candidates such as Maryam Al Abaya, who sent the following letter to a company I work with. It should be noted that this company is not a bank, nor in any way related to financial services of any kind:

-----Original Message-----
From: Maryam3 ** []
Sent: Mon 6/23/2003 2:50 PM
Subject: Ask for Job

I send to you letter becausse I wold like to have a job in this bank.

I'm Maryam Al Abaya from UAE. I attach my CV and as u see. I have cerificate in computer Information and Processinf in Higher college of Technology. I study Businees organization,Computer applications, Gernal english, Datababase, Hardware, Network and help desk.I can use Mic, words, Excel, Access and power point. I have skills in Win 95,98, 2000. I can use intrnet and send email. I have workplacment in Abu Dhabi Chamber of commerce and Industry.

I hope you read my letter and answer me very soon.


Interestingly, if perhaps unsurprisingly, the attached CV.doc was blank.



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