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26 June, 2003

A sticky and sweaty night

Tonight was as humid as it has been this year. Leaving SHAC at 10pm, hands dripped with condensation the first second out of the building. Car windows fogged up, making Sheikh Zayed more perilous than ever.

Inside the Guantanamo palace flat, despite dessicating AC, the latest corporate gift - a delightfully shiny rotating polished brass clock/thermometer/humidity gauge - reveals the moistness is above 70 percent.

Sticky sleep lies ahead. And a sticky situation is also being suffered by Lola LebCan, suffering the dark side of beauty and fame, as jealousy lurks green-eyed in the shadows. Yes - the PR princess is suspected of being the Other Woman.

This despite the fact that Lola has been racing round Dubai in recent weeks cradle snatching rather than grandpa-grabbing, having finally decided to ditch quality for quantity and Plug-in to the good times again.

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