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12 July, 2003

Illicit visit to Manama

"Remember: you're not journalists, you're here on holiday," the PR supremo hisses to us as we reach passport control.

Unfortunately the official is suspicious of my "high resolution" camera. "Why are you here in Bahrain?"

Smile gaily in a falsely bright fashion. "Oh just for a visit, for some sightseeing!"

Yeah right. Because so many tourists fly from Dubai on a working day armed with nothing but a PD150 and tripod to take pretty pictures of Manama. Anyway they let me through. Next time I'll bring an AK47 and a can of that "nuclear material" they display on the Customs Forbidden posters. (What is that stuff? Radioactive hairspray?)

As it was, we saw nothing of the city, just the HQ of a recently resuscitated regional airline. The infamous causeway, littered with beercans and Saudi sheikhmobiles, remains a future treat.

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