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01 July, 2003

The Iron Curtain of Guantanamo

A hilarious joke email spoof has landed in my inbox. It's the announcement of a UN sponsored meeting for Arab minsters to discuss boosting "Public Administration Efficiency." Amusing as it is, it occurs to me that the joke may have lost something more in translation - perhaps the Arab for "efficiency" is also a synonym for "scented worry-bead twiddling"?

Guantanamo is making a valiant new attempt at racial segregation. Having failed to ghetto each race as other suburbs have managed so admirably: dishdash to Jumeirah beachfront palaces, Grade I palefaces to more modest villas in Umm Seqeim (Grade II to Golden Sands), and subcontinentals to Deira, Sharjah, Karama, and the Old Pakistani consulate - it's now using education as a means to filter the masses.

The two new schools at The Gardens are called "Westminster School" (British) and "Delhi School" (Indian). One wonders what their respective curricula will be. A for Avail, B for Mumbai, C for Kolkota? And what happens to the children of mixed race parents? Will they create a sort of Venn diagram overlap between the two campuses, or will they cut them in half?



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