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11 August, 2003

Mayhem at Al Mamza

After an exhausting tour of Dubai's beaches, hotels, and night"life", Margery spent her final day topping up her tan at the vast and empty Al Mamza Beach Park. Small point to this, given the UK is experiencing a record-breaking heatwave, and everyone back in Britain will be just as basted-turkey if not more so.

Not long after rolling out the beach towels on a secluded and quiet stretch of shore, sunbathing and beachcombing, we were driven from the sand by the Emirati-with-Enormous-Erection. (In terms of elevation, not proportion). The ghastly object tent-poling out his swimming shorts was enough to make anyone run for the hills, but there are no hills in Dubai, so we fled to another, even quieter beach.

Amorous from Abu Dhabi is probably still wondering where he went wrong, perhaps he should strap things down next time he attempts to chat up two palefaces in broken and repetitive English.

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