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26 September, 2003

Back in the Glittery City

Pleasingly, no security or traffic nightmares in Dubai, despite the World Bank/IMF circus. Restaurants have apparently been booked out solidly - yet another great reason to have escaped to the ancient glories of the Nabateans.

Reaching the end of the Siq with its tall, dark red walls, and glimpsing the flawless, pale pink facade of Petra Treasury is one of the sights of a lifetime. Like the pyramids and Uluru: breathtaking.

With the Rose City of Petra, the vast landscape of Wadi Rum, the corals of Aqaba, the swirling saltwaters of the Dead Sea - Jordan has it all. But with intifada-hit Palestine to the west, war-ravaged Iraq to the east, "axis of evil" Syria to the north, and mad wahhabi Saudi to the south, the tourists are staying away.



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