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26 October, 2003

The Catwalks of Carrefour

An imminent business trip to sub-zero Munich necessitates the purchase of a long forgotten item, the winter coat. Reluctant to waste more than a few rupees on a garment that will be worn for less than 48 hours, the destination is the clothing aisles at Carrefour.

This tragic graveyard of a thousand furry polyesters and shiny nylons, slain in the interests of non-fashion, is thick with budget faux-faux-fur, "suedette" and "leather effect" horrors. Eventually a form of ski jacket is fixed upon, along with a plot to leave it on the plane once safely back in Dubai. It may be nearly winter here, but 22c does not quite warrant thermals.

Tonight, the Diwali candles burn brightly along the corridors of Guantanamo Cell Block G. If the moon deigns to appear tomorrow, it will be Ramadan. The sharper sighted mullahs in Jordan claim to have already spotted the Hilal, and have begun their fast a day early. And twinkling Christmas lights are cropping up on the shelves at Choitrams, completing the festive hatrick.



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