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27 October, 2003

The Great Divide

Posting, in despair, the response to a recent email begging a particular PR person to send better quality English versions of their press releases:

"Thanking your good point and appreciting you high and professional efforts but I don't know its my first time that sombady give points on our english press releases that been send by two person through my Email one is myself and other is my colleaqe [LADY] and we are doing all press release if there is also any announcement of big projects like and all newspapers are posting the same only if they remove or change few things and Iam with you that the press release may include incorrect gramma because in one day we are doing several press releases and there is only two person whose doing that me and [LADY] and I appreciate you and your colleaqe just give us some samples of incorrect gramma or when we send the new just notice us about it because only you are telling us that and for the rest no any thing and I hope I can learn more from you because English not my (UAE local) mother tongue language even for [LADY] (Lebanese).. Thanking you if you can .. "



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