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23 November, 2003

Glorious Golden Sands

A visitor inadvertently mistakes the latest edition of the Ramadan doormat as a newspaper, and brings the execrable rag into Cell Block G. This week's exciting "exclusive" is so exclusive that it was recounted a week previously by Lola LebCan, already eighth hand, to half of Dubai.

The scene: Golden Sands 6, in the very unlovely concrete jungle of Mankhool, Bur Dubai. The players: one angry and embarrassed dishdash, two Russian ladies of the night, and one conerned concierge gently inisting the other three make their party elsewhere. Action: one fatal stabbing of the concierge by the dishdash. This tragedy is not mere theatre, but film - captured entirely on Golden Sands' CCTV cameras.

Very sad, but also strange, as according to Official Expat History (=rumour, obvious untruth and conspiracy theory) the (unofficial) decision to tolerate prostitution a few years back supposely resulted in a 97% drop in all crime.

An acquaintance hack has booked to stay at Golden Sands for next month's Air Show. I will suggest he packs his war zone kit.

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