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05 November, 2003

Victorian Morality fails Schoolchildren

In Bahrain yesterday, a young Dubai-and-western-raised Egyptian journalist revealed how a few years ago, aged 14, she was kicked out of a Dubai high school for bringing a condom in to show friends. Neither she nor her friends knew what a condom was, or what it was for, they had just heard the forbidden word "condom" and were intensely curious.

An "Indian guy on the bus" offered to get one for this Egyptian girl, which he did, Still having no clue what the mysterious item was for, she took it in to show schoolfriends. Teachers found out, and expelled her. Her parents were furious with her.

"Well you're not the one who should have been punished but I know who is," I informed her.

"You mean the Indian guy?"

"No - your fucking teachers for allowing you to reach the age of 14 with zero education on pregnancy, birth control or STDS."



Blogger Chris Taylor said...

The teachers should be punished? They are guns for hire. Workers who might see your kid one year and then not the next.

How about the parents? They kinda have a little bit of responsibility for raising the poor dear. Just a little.

05 October, 2008 01:32  

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