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31 December, 2003

Santa's Sack of Corporate Crap

Friends and relatives in the Southern Hemisphere were so delighted on Christmas Day to receive gleaming gifts of fountain pens, golf sets, model cars, brass wall clocks and leather folders that they failed to notice each item was delicately engraved with "Samsung" and "Playstation" rather than "To Grandfather" or "Dear Mother."

Ironic that the only person who requested a mosque alarm clock was an Arab Australian.

Back in Dubai, after a fourteen-hour torture session in a flying Emirates creche of bawling brats, with a broken chair (the Airbus has not even been in use for a month yet, for god's sake) and typically disinterested flight staff, a mountain of Christmas cards but thankfully far less corporate crap awaits.

Proof positive that PR people are in fact not human but prettily-dressed robots comes in the form of two mistakenly sent duplicate cards, both signed by the same half dozen PR bunnies. So identical are they that it takes several minutes of inspection and a strong magnifying glass to determine that the bunnies have not actually photocopied their signatures.



Blogger Debby said...

Christmas has got to be my favorite time of year. I just love to read about what people are doing and thinking. I’m always looking for some great ideas on how to make this year more special than ever for my loved ones. I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and I hope you have a great Christmas!

26 October, 2005 15:05  
Blogger Karen said...

I just wanted to extend to you my best this holiday season. May you enjoy a joyous holiday season with family and friends. I have enjoyed reading your posts from time to time and while I cannot afford to send Christmas cards to everyone, I wanted at least to wish you happy holidays through your blog.

09 November, 2005 06:49  

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