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06 January, 2004

Subjugating the subcons

Yet another unveiled attempt to try and reduce IndPak labour, by forcing companies to hire workers "from different countries" and ensure all workers have high school certificates.

Do the Men In White truly imagine that a Frenchman with top marks in his Baccalaureat will fly to the dusty desert to toil fifteen days straight dragging bricks and scaffolding for less than 100 Euros a months? Or that a Brit with three A-levels will enjoy laying traffic cones and tarmac along Sheikh Zayed Road in the midday furnace heat, for about seventy quid?

Alas, the desperate dreams of the dishdash.



Anonymous Scaffolding Hire said...

Yaa dear
if you wanna to do the outsourcing for running your business successfully then it is better to hire the manpower from other country...

11 March, 2010 15:46  

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