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24 March, 2004

Pray God deliver us


well ....thanks for the reply

dear i dont care for english ok ...though iam a writer and a my books sell good in english and arabic...your much attention for your beloved language is meant to value a place were we are not the same so it is hostile ....then as for the relation you have poor the guy i wish god will always help him he is in an open manners school for ever....then you said how come i see you are sexy this i will ask you to forgive me ill not take it back am sorry yet i will tell you am not that hungry for porno sites or any of the kind may be am honest so believe me please...dear thanks for showing me a new value in you LOVELY SENSE OF HUMOR i can see it now along with a keen sense of satire which i love too cause i respect people who dont believe life and are bigger than what ever it promise or pretend to be...At last (be happy i made a capital letter here) am so glad i talked to you ....take care and keep up the beauty .

samir m_.

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