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16 March, 2004

Saddam right on time

A very fine, elegant ladies watch with a youthful, smiling Saddam on its face is my souvenir from an associate newly returned from Baghdad. It is apparently the equivalent of a Ba'athist corporate gift, presented to ladies visiting the Palace for official functions etc. A crafty Iraqi merchant has unearthed a horde these treasures, and is now raking in the cash from admin folk and GI Joes.

Certainly, a grinning Al Tikriti on a working timepiece is a far better present than the endless baseball caps, business card holders and faux leather binders forced upon reluctant hacks at press conferences. The dishdashes-that-be could learn a thing or two from their cunning Iraqi cousins. I eagerly await the first brass mantel clock featuring a beaming Sheikh Zayed.


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