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19 June, 2004

Apocalypse tea-cup

"How can we let our women drive or lift their veils or mix with men? What is next? Shall we see them one day sitting in a cafe and drinking tea together?"

Another Saudi man-in-the-street embarrasses his entire race. The horrors of a lady sipping tea in a cafe are clearly too great to allow women driving licenses, the vote, jobs, freedom to travel, basic human rights.

It is surprising this man is so concerned about tea drinking. According to a Jeddah associate, Saudi women are only too happy to wear a full-face veil so they can "visit hotels with men who aren't their husbands". Short of microchipping and scanning them, what eagle-eyed mutawa can distinguish Amina from Amira?

News that certain jobs - such as lingerie sales staff - will soon be made women-only would be heartening, were it not for the fact that they tried this with Filipinas some time back. The result was a large number of raped Filipina shopgirls.



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