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15 June, 2004

Farewell Sheikhspeare

A ruling from The Ministry of Education and Youth aims to force all schools - including expat private schools following UK or European curriculums - to "revise" all their textbooks. In the words of "Mr Salami" (beef?):

"Amendments should be made if textbooks contained writings on alcohol or love scenes, non-Muslim worshipping and entertainment places...

...Books containing indecent pictures which violate public manners or those which promote negative habits such as drug abuse, mixing of men and women, promiscuity, drinking alcohol and eating pork will not be allowed, he added."

Farewell the entire works of Shakespeare, farewell the Bible, farewell Chaucer, farewell Enid Blyton. Expat brats will have to stick to maths and science, because Literature, History of Art and Theology will land them straight in the Al Slammer.



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