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03 June, 2004

More Shenanigans in Sharjah

China's attempt to break the world record for the greatest number of human beings crowded into a tiny apartment is ruined as Vice officers grab several dozen of them for gambling and prostitution.

Interesting to learn that the UAE does not issue visas to "unmarried Chinese women or Chinese women younger than 30." Why would such women be so infinitely more threatening than the hordes of twenty-something Russians, Filipinas, CIS and East Europeans continually flooding through?

Saudi of course makes no such discrimination: all unmarried women (under forty at last edict?) are barred, except for a few cases such as Haj, Umrah, and having a decent chunk of wusta with some corrupt official. The reason - at least according to one Saudi associate - is that "when [not "if"] a woman is raped in the Kingdom, there won't be the complication of a pregnancy if she is over forty."

Charming Saudi Arabia... always keen to boost its tourism industry then wondering why no one ever comes, when it refuses visas to 99% of foreigners and does precious little to protect the 1% that can visit.

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