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15 June, 2004

Unwelcoming reception

Rude and uncooperative people should still be treated with politeness and respect, at least openly.

"We're here for the media briefing with person X."

"I don't know what you're talking about." The receptionist at a leading international IT company's regional HQ gives no smile, no offer to find out, no attempt to find person X.

Using a mobile, we phone a PR contact to check the date, time and place. All are correct. "We'll just wait here, thanks."

"You can sign here first," she demands. The visitors' ledger is passed to us as a colleague of hers arrives. "They said they wanted to wait," she mutters rudely in our direction while we scrawl down our names.

She will certainly not enjoy explaining the presence of "M Monroe" and "J F Kennedy" to her superiors.


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