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13 July, 2004

The Mysterious Africans

Number One in a series of Great Unexplained Mysteries of Dubai.

Whenever one lands at Dubai Airport - regardless of the time of day, or day of the week, or time of year, the Arrivals area throngs with African people in brightly coloured native dress. Women wear huge turbans of printed cloth, dresses with billowing shoulders, and push mountainous carts of luggage.

But where do these people go? They are never seen departing. They are never seen anywhere in Dubai, in streets, shops or hotels. There are no reported sightings of them escaping en-masse over the border to Oman or Saudi.

They arrive, big and bold and bright, and they vanish into thin air.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

they don on to black abbaya n proudly confessed to pple that they are UAE National so that people wont mess them up!

26 July, 2005 22:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is this so mysterious? Lots of people make connecting flights. Maybe Dubai is a convenient stop between Africa and somewhere else, the way Munich is a convenient stop between America and Italy?

04 June, 2006 06:36  

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