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04 July, 2004

White Man First?

A colleague was recently embarrassed at a petrol station when he went up to pay for fuel. Ahead of him, already waiting at the counter, was a poor subcontinental labourer, one of the ubiquitous "blue monkeys" paid a pittance to toil their lives away in the burning heat. This man was buying a bottle of water and a cheap sandwich.

The Filipina assistant immediately bypassed the labourer to serve the white man first.

"Excuse me, this man was before me," the colleage pointed out. Somewhat surprised, she served the labourer.

What must it be to be so lowly, so worthless, that you are rendered invisible by an unspoken cultural apartheid?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have had the same experience. The most recent was in Starbucks. I am a dark-skinned, black woman. I have two degrees and am not paid a pittance. The difference is, I speak up for my rights. But yes, it can be quite embarrassing for the 'favoured' ones...

27 July, 2005 14:42  

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