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16 August, 2004

Teasing Terrors

What exactly is meant by "teasing" in this curious little article from the Khaleej Times?

"Three youths are in police custody for teasing women in public places, police said yesterday. The unidentified youths were giving vexing remarks to women, a police spokesman said.

"One of the youths was arrested while he was teasing women using his water scooter on Mamzar beach. The two other youths were caught at a shopping mall."

Did the young men in question wear clown suits and red noses? Was it high jinks, jokes and japes and general jollying about? Did they run round in circles with brightly-coloured ticklish feather dusters while reciting risque limericks?

As long as the Khaleej rag teases us with its outdated, prissy lexicon, we will be none the wiser.



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