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22 September, 2004

Appalling, appalling non-journalism

The Khaleej Times has surpassed itself by publishing an article so appallingly written and edited that it has been sent an offer of free media training.

ABU DHABI — Firing randomly can hurt someone. However, this depends on the motives. But the random firing of an Imam (prayer leader) is a big blunder, especially in an Islamic country like UAE.

A local department in the capital recently fired the Imam of a mosque at one of its complexes in a randomly selected list of employees. And what is ridiculous is that the same department is still keeping the same scholar at the same mosque. It is now nearly a year and the man has not received any salary.

These are only the first two paragraphs of an ill-informed, error-strewn screed by "A Correspondent" whose basic grasp of English suggests that it is at best their tenth language. This abomination in the name of journalism would shame the average Parish Church Gazette written and published by a blind and deaf elderly spinster from copy donated by the village half-wit bellringer.

Given the Khaleej Times cheaply syndicates acres and acres of print from international publications, it is perhaps a wonder that this story got published at all. A wonder, and a tragedy.



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