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29 October, 2004

Waves of nausea

Radio stations make waves over airwaves screams a headline demonstrating Khaleej Times' ongoing paucity of anything approaching actual journalism. The article - if it can be termed such - is a sop about the "benevolence and kindness" of Ramadan being broadcast on Dubai's various dreadful radio stations.

"From offering dinner dates with local celebrities and radio presenters to filling a bus with different nationalities, a number of stations have come up with fresh new ideas to encourage people to donate more for charity."

The prospect of enduring an entire dinner with a dubious local "celebrity" or sharing public transport with unwashed foreigners (which can already be enjoyed daily for a couple of dirhams from any bus stop) is more likely to make people convert to devil-worship than appreciate the spirit of Ramadan.

The best prize they could offer would be an invitation to the beheading of the cretinous, trans-atlantic accented newsreader who regularly talks of "Nor-witch City football" and "Huh-rayr, the capital of Zimbabwe".

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