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28 November, 2004

Appalling applications

They never give up. One more for the "useless illiterate foreign person applying for non-existent job" pile (=bin).

> FINANCE of university
> > speciality finances
> > expirience 1 YEARS Languages: English French Arab
> > Professional Experience: 1 year
> > information: j'ai worked as a soldier under
> function
> > l'infrastructur gestoinaire
now i search in jobs in yours entreprise or help us
for finds a jobs

In the history of recruitment since God headhunted Noah for "Ark Builder", has there ever been anyone who managed to find employment with an application like this?

The problem with "multi-lingualism" is that you end up with someone fluent in an obscure Berber dialect unused by the business world, who can manage a bit of broken North African French but can't spell to fuck, has zero English, and possibly speaks a variant of Arabic unintelligible outside the Maghreb.

And a new and exciting variant on "esteemed company":

Dear Sir,
I am M.B.A and want to serve under your kind Command. it is therefore requested in your honour that I may please be given a chance to serve under your Kind Command.
thank you very much
Yours, Obediently,
Shagufta Rafiq


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