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18 November, 2004

Dummies and bigger dummies

Bahrain. It's never been a particularly exciting place, and the rising tide of fundamentalism is increasing its sheer bordeom factor. And now they want to ban scantily-clad shop dummies. Mr Karimi, chairman of Muharraq Municipal Council's legislative, financial and administrative affairs committee, also wants to ban male shop assistants:

"I have received various complaints from people that they feel aroused by seeing these mannequins being exhibited in front of them."

He said that many young men in Muharraq stand in front of these shops, not just to watch women enter and leave, but fantasise about the mannequins.

"We want shop owners to remove them at once, because these mannequins are affecting the way our children are being raised," said Mr Karimi.

Not that this will do much good - the other day an associate witnessed a dishdash masturbating while fondling a bra in Debenhams.



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