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16 November, 2004

Hello! and goodbye

It was a dark and stormy night last night, with the feral cats abandoning their usual turf wars and shivering under the palm trees.

But a catfight is in full force within Dubai's enduringly substandard magazine sector, with ITP and CPI drawing their claws over celebrity titles.

Just over a year ago, Incredibly Terrible Publications launched the ghastly Ahlan!, which according to the official press release was:

"...based on the hugely successful style of OK! magazine, and has been produced in association with the famous British weekly title."

Now Crap Publications Inc has announced it will launch an official franchise of OK! in the UAE next month.

"Content will reflect the national and international celebrity market across the Middle East, with about 30% being sourced from sister OK! publications."

According to sources - in this case Lola LebCan and general hack gossip - the ITP/OK! deal was never formalised. When the OK! franchise came up, ITP were pissing around and playing hardball: possibly because they already had the benefits of association with OK without the costs of an official franchise. Meanwhile, CPI stepped in and grabbed it.

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