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30 November, 2004

Justice goes bananas

It is interesting to wonder how one might have an "illicit relationship" with oneself. Because this is apparently what this poor woman has been jailed for nearly five years for, given the man involved had all his charges dismissed.

Could this yet be another stunning example of UAE justice in style of that experienced Mme Tiouli, a French businesswoman who was charged with "adulterous sex" after being allegedly gangraped by three Emirati men? Despite admitting to a "consensual relationship", none of the men was charged.

Fortunately, Mme Tiouli is now safely back in France. But it does not change the vast discrepancies and discrimination in the implementation of UAE sharia law.

Police/lawyers/judges/government officials: it takes two separate human beings to have a sexual relationship. It may well be that sexual education is so scant in Emirati schools that you do not realise this yet.

But it is time you learnt that it takes two to tango, as we enjoy saying in the cliche-ridden West, and not every female of the species is an evil temptress bent on the seduction of pure-hearted, wholly innocent males.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

we all miss these times, when the pancakes use to fuck camels and goats in the quiet desert.

19 July, 2005 14:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm shocked upon reading this, back in my country, rapists will be sentence accordingly. What does
rapist means to the people here?
I'm just proud that i was born in a country where justice n equality
is fair to its nation and foreigner. I hope Toulis will go on with her life, tho its easy for us to say, hard for her to forget.
I'm deepenly shocked for this unpleasant n ugly news.

26 July, 2005 22:07  

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