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13 November, 2004

The mourning after

Moving as the Victorians did from full-mourning black, to half-mourning grey and later to mauve, Dubai's dreadful English-language radio stations have progressed from Arabic Qu'ran readings through bad classical music to a horrifying blend of muzak.

Wherever Sheikh Zayed is now, he would not want his people to be suffering. And pan-piped Elton John is torment indeed. Bring back Eminem and "classic" 80s hits.

The gloriously iconic portrait of Zayed in front of the UAE flag has been put up in several places in Dubai, with several mega-billboard sized prints along Sheikh Zayed Road. It suggests the UAE is adopting a North Korean-style "Eternal leader/Great Leader" vs "Dear Leader" approach - very advisable given the circumstances of succession.



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