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17 December, 2004

The Ambassador's reception

...was not noted for its exquisite taste, at least at the Dubai Consul General's Christmas bash. An associate reports that it was "more akin to a children's party than for adults in dinner suits."

"We all had funny hats and had to blow those stupid horns in a competition to see which table was the noisiest. Last year was so nice with cocktails on the lawn and a very nice string quartet... But this was a disco with an Aussie woman on the microphone telling everyone they had to get up and dance to Kylie's La la la, la la la la la song. Then a cockney put himself inside a huge balloon to the amazement of all watching. Then we all had to put the funny hats back on for the competition to decide the most colourful table.... it was fucking horrendous.

"The sub-continental waiters must have grimaced at the fact that this is what the British Empire has been reduced to."

Bring back the fucking Ferrero Rochers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i simply cannot stop myself from laughing.thanks for bringing a smile to my otherwise humourless life.

28 July, 2005 02:50  

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