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12 December, 2004

Goodbye, Mr Chops

Gone are the days when Dubai television screens went black for a week to punish viewers for watching 15 minutes of Benny Hill. Then, shocked and delighted expats sent the Jumeirah exchange buzzing as friends and neighbours phoned one another: "have you seen what they're showing on Channel 33?" before the dishdashes eventually realised "Hill's Angels" were not a religious troupe and the plug was pulled on all programming.

Today, South Park: Bigger, Longer, Uncut has arrived in Virgin Megastores. Totally and utterly uncut. Whether anyone in the black-texta-censor brigade has actually seen the 131 occurrences of the "most foul of the foul words", the nude female angels or the homosexual love scenes between Saddam Hussein and Satan remains considerably less clear cut.

Or perhaps the video-choppers have been laid off en masse, given it isn't really possible to censor a DVD - short of total destruction - with scissors and sellotape?



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