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16 January, 2005

The magical collapsing villas

Nearly every single building in Dubai is built on a pancake-flat piece of sand. So it is perhaps no wonder that when someone forces a load of villas to prop themselves precariously on a hillside, they want to start sliding down the slope, and develop huge and glaring cracks, forcing their new owners to move out.

The poor villas. The only solution for buildings as disobedient as these is a damn good smashing with a demolition ball.

Not that anyone will confirm this. According to their developer, they're now "in the hands of a property developer."

And a construction magazine that wrote an article on the sad plight of the buildings was forced to withdraw it from publication after several angry phonecalls.

So much for a "fearless press" and increased media freedom.



Blogger Keef said...

Yes, we thought it was a bit odd when they built those villas on the jebelside, and only after they were finished they built the retaining walls to keep them off the pavement. Dang, those silly architects and builders, what are they like!

30 March, 2005 01:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What project was this? Who is the developer? I can't find any other newssources / pictures that confirm this anywhere...

15 June, 2005 00:37  
Blogger secretdubai said...

It can't be stated clearly for defamation reasons. But there are enough clues in there - if you're a Dubaian, you'll be able to work it out. keefieboy includes a big clue too.

15 June, 2005 21:33  

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